Zeus Enrollment Platform

The primary objective of the Zeus Enrollment Platform is to be able to consume the 834 EDI files that are received from the HIX Marketplace and process the individual enrollment transactions received in the file and adjudicate them for enrollment into the health plan. The high level features of the Zeus platform is outlined below.

  1. Consume the raw EDI file received from the marketplace.

  2. Perform TA1 validations on the EDI file received and generate the TA1 acknowledgments

  3. Convert the transaction data from the EDI format into a JSON format.

  4. Perform 999 validations on the transaction and generate the necessary 999 validations.

  5. Process the transaction through business rules to identify any issues present in the transaction that can cause exceptions during processing.

  6. Retrieve the account information of the members in the transaction from the member management system, if the members are already present and identify the updates that have to be made to the account.

  7. If the members are new to the health plan, then create a new account in the member management system.

  8. The member enrollment will be confirmed based on the premium payment rules and a confirmation will be sent out to the marketplace if needed.

  9. The platform is also equipped to handle any demographic and financial changes that have to be made to the account, along with processing any kind of cancellations, terminations and reinstatements of member enrollments.

  10. The platform also has a User Interface that can be used the view the transactions that are processed in the system, view the accounts from member management and perform some basic administration activities.

Zeus Architecture

The Zeus Enrollment Platform is combination of several individual microservices that come together to achieve the overall objective outlined for the platform. The technology stack of the Zeus Enrollment Platform is provided below



Microservice Implementation Language

Java 17.0

Microservice Framework

Spring 6.0 and Spring Boot 3.0


MySQL and MariaDB

Asynchronous Communication Service

Apache Kafka

Security Implementation

Spring Security

Front End Framework

Angular 12

Container Technology


Architecture Diagram

The high level architecture diagram of the microservices and their interaction is provided below.

Zeus - Architecture


The table below lists all the microservices in the Zeus Platform. Click on the respective microservices to learn more about the individual service.


Short Description

Github Repository

Member Management Service

Manages member accounts and enrollment spans

Repo Link

Transaction Manager

Orchestrates the processing of the transaction that are received

Repo Link

Account Processor Service

Processes the changes for an account or creates a new account based on the transaction received.

Repo Link

File Management Service

Manages the EDI file received from the marketplace and also assigns the Zeus File Control Number that uniquely identifies the file across the platform.

Repo Link

File Storage Service

Stores the raw file received from marketplace along with the ZFCN created for the file

Repo Link

Transaction Origination Service

Creates the transaction from the file data received from marketplace and assigns Zeus Transaction Control Number that uniquely identifies the transaction across the platform.

Repo Link

Transaction Storage Service

Stores the individual transaction as received from the marketplace along with the ZTCN created for the transaction.

Repo Link

Data Transformation Service

Transforms the transaction data received from marketplace into internal reference data values and performs some basic data validations.

Repo Link

Validation Service

Executes the rules on the data provided based on the rules that are configured in the rule service.

Repo Link

Trading Partner Service

Manages the trading partner configuration.

Repo Link

Reference Data Service

Manages the reference data that is used within the platform.

Repo Link

Plan Catalog Service

Manages the various plans that are offered within a geographic location and the rates for each of the plans based on member's demographics information.

Repo Link

Rule Service

Manages all the rules that are configured for an account and transaction.

Repo Link

API Gateway

The gateway service through which all the internal APIs are exposed to the user interface.

Repo Link

Transaction Message Processing Flow

The sequence diagrams provided below show the flow of the transaction received within the platform and how it is transmitted through the various microservices and is updated in the member management service.

Transaction Origination to Transaction Manager

The below sequence diagram show how the transaction once it is originated in Transaction Origination Service is transmitted to Transaction Manager.

Transaction Message Processing Flow

Transaction Manager to Account Processor

The below diagram shows the sequence of steps taken in Transaction Manger to process the transaction received and send it to Account Processor service.

Transaction Message Processing Flow (1)

Account Processor to Member Management

The below diagram shows the sequence of steps taken in Account Processor to make the necessary updates to the account based on the transaction and send it to Member Management service.

Transaction Message Processing Flow (2)