Xmas Present Tips for the Techie: Five Top iPhone 5 Cases


Some sneered at the updates packed in Apple’s latest iPhone release and claimed marketing stunt – as the only visible change is the expanded display real estate. Meanwhile, others took a second, deeper look at the smartphone and realized that it does, indeed, pack some seriously improved technology inside, which includes the much more efficient and speedier A6 processor, improved graphic abilities such as live wallpapers hd, a longer lifespan and usage span for the phone’s battery, better connectivity via the LTE implemented system and the all new iOS 6. However, both camps agree that the biggest change by far is the fact that the iPhone is now bigger (specifically, longer) and thinner. And that means you can’t simply reuse your favorite iPhone 4 or 4S case or bumper. You need a brand new one for your brand new phone – that, of course, means spending more money. However, it also gives you a great opportunity to improvise a thoughtful and practical Christmas gift for your Apple-fanatic buds.

The Arm-Band Case

Lots of iPhone and iPod users enjoy working out with the aid of various fitness apps. This is where a good quality armband will come in, such as the Ease-Fit produced by Belkin, available from $14.99 online. The major pro of this type of casing is that it allows you to get as active as you want, without the risk of dropping your phone while you do your weight lifting, jogging or stair-climbing. The arm strap is also adjustable and waterproof.

Vinyl Sticker Backs

Some iPhone users have reported WiFi and 3G connectivity issues experienced by their devices with certain types of cases and bumpers. As such, if you want to protect your smartphone’s delicate, scratch-prone stainless steel back, perhaps the best way to do this is by applying a vinyl sticker back. This is a good idea, since they come in a wide range of trendy designs, from 80s themed to steampunk – or, alternatively, if none of the ready-made designs appeal to you,  you can order you can even order a custom-made sticker designed by yourself, or featuring a favorite graphic print.

QWERTY Keyboard Cases

If you’re more of a Blackberry, full QWERTY keyboard kind of person, but still appreciate the sleekness and cool design of Apple’s iPhone, touchscreen keyboard and all, you should know that there are products out there that allow you to sample the best of both worlds. One such product is the Boxwave Keyboard Buddy, which sells for $89.95 and is also available with a backlight for more comfort. The keyboard case can be charged via micro USB and comes with a two-week battery life guarantee from the producers.

Glammed Up Cases

While you might not believe that the serious techies over are into glam, they do allow for the existence of such iPhone users out there – and that’s why they’re recommending the $40 sparkly Case-Mate Glam cases, available in six distinct colors, as well as with a protection system to save your device from the perils of impact.

Wallet-Style Folio Cases

If practicality is your middle name, then you should definitely spring for a multi-functional type of case, which can carry your credit cards, cash, and ID cards, while also providing sufficient protection for your iPhone. The $24.98 Kensington Portafolio Duo Wallet even has a built in stand for your phone, which helps make watching videos more fun. At the same time, it’s totally stylish, with its faux leather look.