Walking and eliquid: Two Techniques To Quit Smoking

Do you ever feel quitting smoking but your body resists so hard? Do you want to quit smoking but you do not have money for therapy sessions and pills? Then you do not have to worry anymore since there are two very great techniques that could help you overcome your problem. The process is not that easy to do but the good part is you do not have to spend money while doing it.

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The Fastest Way to Quit Smoking

The first method is by walking outside regularly. Yes, one of the two techniques is just by walking and of course while doing this you should not smoke. Although walking for a long period is hard because of the side effects of smoking, try to do it regularly and by regularly, it means every day. This technique should be performed after your last cigarette intake because you need to boost your endorphins after all the smoking you have done. There are no other rules in this first technique, just walk every day so you could make your body function perfectly again.

The second technique is a little bit hard but with if you do it exactly how it should be done, then you would not have any problem. Right after your last cigarette intake, you have to stay up for at least 36 hours to perform detox marathon. You have to create and drink best e-juice specifically cranberry juice for the whole span of time unless you feel that you will get sick already. This process will flush out all the nicotine in your body caused by smoking, faster than the regular ones. And after you wake up, you will just perform the first technique and without knowing it you are not a smoker anymore. With this two methods, you easily became an ex-smoker.