Open Roles

Positions we would like to have someone to fill. Last update: 26, Jan, 2020 by @Albert Carter

About how we work

Game Designers

Contact Info: Mattermost: @pieterv or ~comic_science | keybase: pieter_v

We need to design several trivia and card-games. These are meant to be played during onboarding sessions, bar nights, and blockades (so low light, low information environments). Please get in touch!

CSS Whiz

Contact info: Mattermost: @gka or ~comic_science | keybase: gka

You don't have to be a genius for this. You just have to be ok at it. The thing is, none of us are. Some of us are programmers, but none of us are web devs, and when it comes to CSS, we're awful at it. It doesn't make sense. It makes us want to tear our hair out. Please come help!

Strategic Communications

Contact Info: Mattermost @Albert Carter or ~comic_science | keybase: arcarter

We need help with political messaging and framing of likely upcoming environmental trigger events. For example, climate-induced forest fires. How do we frame this? What do we call it? What words and phrase should and shouldn't we use? We'd like to prepare documents for this, for download by XR members. Please get in touch!

Science Communication Expert

Contact Info: mattermost: @grafkrakula or ~comic_science | keybase: grafkrakula

Comic Science requires experts in science communication, who are able to create storylines from scientific papers and data. Preferably visual thinkers who are able to envision how a story can be told through a combination of images, graphics, and text.


Contact Info: mattermost: @albert or @bloodyspud | keybase: @arcarter or @blopdyspud

Comic Science seeks diplomats to network with other groups, help distribute our materials, and generally integrate us more into XR Berlin and XR Global. German speakers preferred.

Marketing Executive & Design

Contact Info: mattermost: @albert or ~comic_science | keybase: arcarter

Comic Science seeks individuals with significant experience in Marketing - customer funnels, personas, user journeys, etc, to help us shape our future campaigns. If you don't have much time and you just want to sit in on a meeting or two, give your insights to a small number of group members, and move on, this can still help!

Content Owners

Contact Info: mattermost: @albert ~comic_science | keybase: arcarter

Comic Science seeks content owners to help track projects, set milestones and deadlines, and anticipate project pitfalls before they occur. Content owners "own" a project, which can include starting it. However, we are also very happy for people to pick up existing projects.

SCRUM Master / SCRUM Trainer (no longer looking!)

Contact Info: mattermost: @albert | keybase: arcarter

Comic Science seeks a SCRUM Master or SCRUM Trainer to help improve improve the team's working process. We're relatively efficient (especially for an activist group) now, but could be more. One or two weeks spent training the team would be a force multiplier.