Is Buying Gold Filled Necklace A Good Investment?

Warren Buffet once said," if you do not find how to make while asleep, you will work till you die." In this current low world economy, having investments generating additional income is a must, or you may be forced to take up extra jobs to pay up your bills. So the million-dollar question is investing in Gold filled necklace the right option?

The straightforward answer is that investing in a Gold-filled necklace or jewelry is an excellent investment. Apart from the aesthetic appeal of wearing a Gold-filled chain, it also comes with many great benefits. If you are in denial of whether to invest in Gold filled necklace, here are a few benefits you can get to enjoy from investing in great Gold filled necklace.

Come in handy during times of crisis.

These gems have similar properties to the old coins during the Roman Empire. Without much of a stretch, they can be utilized as exchanging tools such as money on the occasion of a crisis. Several chronicled occurrences validate this.

During the hyper inflationary emergency in Germany during the 1930s and afterward during the Second World War, gems were utilized as cash in nations where the economy had crumpled.

Another great example was in Russian in October 1917 when Communists took power. Russian aristocracy had to go to exile. They were forced to leave a lot of their riches and the only thing that they could carry during that time was their jewelry, including some Gold filled necklaces which they sold to survive.

They are effectively detachable.

Buying a Gold-filled necklace is great because it can be easily be detached. Let us say that your financial position is not at its best, and you have heard about the rise of the value of Gold by ten times the average price. Will you stay hungry, yet you have an 18K Gold filled necklace? Any sane man will not.

The good thing about having such a Gold filled necklace is that you can easily separate it from the other metal and sell the pure Gold. To do this, virtually arrange the jewelry utilizing a couple of pincers, a little sharp edge, or liquefy it with a blowtorch (gold dissolving point: 1,064 ° C).


Buying a Gold jewelry comes with Certification.

When buying Gold filled necklaces or any gold jewelry are always delivered with its certificate of origin to prove the quality of the Gold, but also the weight. Legal gold jewelry comes with two stamps, that is the manufacturer and metal stamps. These stamps are easily identifiable and recognizable, even for uninitiated.

They are legitimately ensured.

Are you worried that you lose your investment after losing your Gold filled necklace? Worry no more as you can ensure your Gold-filled chain. Insurance companies do offer insurance cover for many people who own different kinds of jewelry, including Gold filled necklace.