How to download free parts catalog for agricultural machines ?

The new McCormick tractor series consists of 5 models with a power range from 150 to 232 hp.

The engines use SCR technology, which uses AdBlue fluid. This reduces the amount of harmful gases and solids to 90%.

In the basic version, the XtraSpeed ??8 Powershifts transmission has 32 forward and 24 reverse speeds. When using a reducer, the number of gears increases to 48 forward speeds and 36 reverse.

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The electrohydraulic reverse applied in the X70 series allows for smooth changes of direction and on headlands. The transmission can be equipped with mechanical or electrohydraulic change of speed ranges. Each gear has a speed 15% higher than the previous.

The electrohydraulically controlled PTO shaft offers two speeds - 540 and 1000 rpm. The closed central hydraulic system uses a high capacity pump to supply the right amount of oil.

The hydraulic lift is equipped with EHR (electronic lift control). The lifting capacity on models X70.70 and X70.80 is 10,950 kg and on models X70.40, X70.50 and X70.60 - 7,200 kg. This allows you to work even with the heaviest mounted machines.