How can I get franchise of play school?

How to Get Play School Franchisee?How can I get franchise of play school?

Gurukul was born out of pure hard work, perseverance, dedication and of course love for Children. Yes we claim we are a class apart and different but what makes us different. Our Franchisee’s are not just a Franchisee, its adding another branch to our growing tree, another sibling to the family. A new branch is not just another preschool going into business. Our heart lies in Gurukul. Its one soul driven preschool that is for sure. The future is surely bright because the foundation is right.

What Makes us the Best

1) Best in Class Infrastructure: Having a very synergetic Infrastructure across. Our Infrastructure just does not have painted walls, we have more of Practical approach in our infrastructure.

2) Accountability: At Gurukul we believe in taking Charge because if nobody takes charge, accountability of every one becomes minimized. We take charge and take accountability therefore.

3) Celebrations: We celebrate most of the National and International Festivals with lots of vigour combined with enthu resulting in 360 Degree Holistic development of a child. Celebrating events imbibes the cultural values in a child.

How can I get franchise of play school?

4) Activities: Gurukul has always been into more of practical approach and so on making child grasp more easily and to accomplish that we do uncountable activities on day to day basis and to name few: Story Telling, Introduction, Puppet Shows, Stage Exposures and much more…

5) Best Support to the Enterprenuers: Our Partners are not just a Franchisee to us but a part of Gurukul’s every growing Family. They are the one’s who are spreading Gurukul’s Fame and Light and thereafter we extend our Best Support to our Partners Ranging from 360 Degree Marketing Support, Training Sessions and every possible On-Going support is provided to ensure Healthy running of our Branches i.e. 24 x 7 support.

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