Education Expert

What are a few of the qualifications that make you an expert on colleges?
My qualifications include a combination of education, experience, and proven results. I have a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and a certificate in College Admissions Counseling from UCLA. I've worked as a school counselor and as an independent consultant; I've helped thousands of students buy essay online. Every year I visit dozens of colleges and universities, so I can stay current on requirements and trends in college admissions.
Was there a certain event or moment that made you want to make helping prospective college students your job?
As a high school student I made a lot of mistakes in my own college search and finally transferred to Rice University my junior year. Transferring schools half way through college wasn't easy, but it was the right decision for me. I want to help parents and students understand their options and hopefully avoid some of the mistakes I made.


What's the most fun experience you've ever had working and helping students with college decisions?
You can catch me doing a happy dance every time I receive a text, phone call, or email that says, "I got in!" Nothing is better than sharing in the joy of that celebration.
How do you think people can be affected every day by being knowledgeable about college decisions?
I work with many parents who are worried about providing guidance and helping their children take advantage of academic opportunities. It can be stressful because college admission is different than it was when they applied. When families are well informed about college planning issues, they can take advantage of opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and approach the admissions process confidently.
What's an important tidbit or fact you think everyone should know about colleges?
Everyone can get into a four-year college. Put aside all the stories and hype about how hard it is to get into college these days. A majority of colleges and universities accept a majority of their applicants. Yes, there are some highly selective colleges where admissions rates are in the single digits, but that is not representative of most schools. Understanding that every student can enter a four-year degree program should help take the stress out of the process and allow families to focus on facts.