Click within 30 Seconds

“Clicks within 30 seconds” is the mode like clicks in 10 seconds and Click in 20 seconds with a certain period during which a player can examine his click speed.


It is the era of technology where everyone uses laptops and computers for different purposes. For a clerk, a gamer, or a manager, typing and clicking elements a lot as it helps to do work fastly within seconds. Typing speed is required for office work and when we talk about it particularly for gamers it is important to have great clicking speed. It helps them to hit the point quickly and achieve success.

There are various ways to improve and check the clicking speed for gamers. The most common one is the click speed test. The candidate is allowed to set the particular time according to its choice at which he/she wants to check its clicking power. The cps value tells how much you can hit the cover with the full force of your hand and fast speed. In this article about clicks in 30 seconds and how to make click speed test in 30 seconds?

Click in the computer terms

The mouse button is clicked when one or both of the buttons are pressed multiple times. It is up to you how much you press the switch by hand. If you have no mouse or you never want to click from your mouse you can click on the keyboard by pressing the space or enter switch or on the touch screen by touching it in pen or finger repeat and repeat. 

CPS Test

CPS test or clicks test per second is a secure and accurate way to check your click speed in the given time. You can set the time from 1 sec to 1 minute. It is a time pass game that enables you to make more clicks in your time by touching the mouse button. 

Click Test Per 30 Seconds


Before beginning the click speed test, you need to set a timer. For click test in 30 seconds set time of about 30 seconds and they start the game. Now till the given time end, continuously hit the envelope by mouse click. In the end, it will show your registered CPS value. You can change the process and do many trials. Many people have made world record through click challenge test with different time limits.

Why it is Important?

The click speed test or click per the second test is important for various goals as some take it as a challenging game to check their clicking speed, it helps them to make world record with the quickly clicking speed such as in Minecraft game.

Most physiotherapists promote it as the practice of pointers for great grip, and people also use it to relax their minds. This click challenging test is a good choice to spend time in rest time. It also helps to improve mouse clicks and acts as a stress buster.

 To Measure The Speed Of Your Mouse Clicking

You can test the click speed in 30 seconds as follows:-

World Record For Click Test Per Second:

Most of the players have made world records for the separate time limits. Tom Andre Seppola is the fast clicker with an average of 38- clicks in 10 seconds in 2020. The global world record for 20 seconds is 14.1, and the common CPS recorded score is about 6.25 CPS. CPS (click in a second) is special for including the click rate. The world record of click in 100 seconds is 6.2 CPS. Tom Andre Seppola has also created a test of 830 mouse clicks in 30 seconds. Daniel Howard earned the fastest clicks of 96 CPS in 30 seconds.

How To Improve The Mouse Clicking Speed:

You can also enhance the mouse clicking speed through different points and games. The fast clicking speed is more helpful for working some games such as Minecraft. 

Role Of Click Speed In Minecraft:

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that is all about connecting the rival with full force. Your success in this game depends upon the correctness of your aim and the combos you hit. To defeat your rivals or opponents, the CPS value should be among 6-10 CPS. According to Minecraft, the record CPS for it is about 4-8 CPS. The CPS more than 8 causes latency issues.

Tips To Improve The Mouse Clicking Speed:

You can increase the mouse clicking speed setting of your PC. For this, from the control committee, find the option of the mouse. In mouse, features click on the Activities tab and drag the right to speed up the mouse double-clicking. You can also look for the methods such as regular clicking, Jitter clicking, butterfly clicking, and drag clicking. They are from easy to hard level and help to increase to mouse clicking from daily practice.