Careables Olinda Opening Session

Careables Latin America open event in Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was a vibrant evening gathering and can be divided into four sections.


On section one,  CASA CRIATURA (@casacriatura) collective - the event and Lab.i Olinda host - presented Casa Criatura Strategies for the Restoration of Heritage Buildings while reinvigorate and strengthen the city we love through immaterial heritage. Later, a presentation about Global Innovation Gathering - GIG, an Organisation registered in Berlin but rooted in the global south, showed how the event related to different contexts around the globe. At the end of section one, GIG members explained Careables initiative, its international consortium, its methodologies and toolkits, its prototypes and its desired outcomes. At last, different perceptions about health and shared manufacturing and digital fabrication portraited what are Careables Latin America main objectives and expected results during the meetings to happen on the Fridays to come.   


On section two, nine initiatives, organisations and startups from Olinda and Recife presented their work related to the central evening theme:


Section three was a final talk by members from Secretary of Health of Olinda, presenting how they care for the Afro-Brazilian population in the city throughout 290 afro-orishas-based-religious-temples around the city. Also, they presented their main projects on caring for people with disabilities. And a particular effort on reducing cigarette smoking on both communities. The Health Secretary also pointed out opportunities to work together in some regular programs and the sure on having their personnel taking part in Careables meetings to come.

Section four was a special presentation from Catarina Dee Jah (@quitutesdeejah) of Lia de Itamaracá latest album, Ciranda Sem Fim, and people could chill out while networking on the bar.

In the end, 40 people shared their mobile numbers to join a WhatsApp Group on Careables Olinda.


You can check more pictures and videos on the official Flickr page.